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Pain is Gone! 

I had been awakened two nights in a row this week from pain and was afraid I'd torn my hip labrum--again. I prayed for healing and got it in the form of Shawna! She had one appointment on Thursday morning and worked something akin to a miracle. The pain is gone (and so is my fear of a re-tear). Shawna is amazing! I went from feeling awful to feeling terrific! Now I can handle that all-day rehearsal on the risers tomorrow! If you have a similar situation, give her a try!   C.P., January 2016 – Client of SaLT of the Earth Massage Therapy

Thank you Shawna!

Shawna- I feel wonderful! Thanks for finding a second career! I will be back.  Thomas, November 2015  – Client of SaLT of the Earth Massage Therapy