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Cancer Massage

Oncology Massage

SaLT of the Earth Massage Therapy 

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SATURDAY APPOINTMENTS: Contact Lisa Senn @ 505 859-1129

Albuquerque Massage Therapists Relaxation Massage, Low Back Massage, Neck Pain Massage, Headache Massage, Stress Massage, Auto Injury Massage

Therapeutic & Wellness

Using a combination of techniques to increase circulation, reduce pain and promote relaxation.


30 minutes ......... $  45

60 minutes ......... $  75

90 minutes ......... $110

Albuquerque MassageTherapists Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones

Upgrade $15

Upgrade your massage by adding Hot Stones.  Using smooth river rocks, enjoy a deep relaxing massage to minimize daily stress 

Albuquerque MassageTherapists Pregnancy Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy, PostPartum & Natural Induction

Albuquerque’s Pregnancy Massage Experts using a cloud-like pillow support system to provide gentle and special care during pregnancy.


60 minutes ......... $  85

90 minutes ......... $120

Albuquerque MassageTherapists Lunch Break Massage

Lunch Break

Head, Neck & Shoulder

Let go of the daily tension and stress  during your lunch hour! Energize your mind and body for the rest of your day.


45 minutes ......... $ 55

Albuquerque MassageTherapists Lunch Break Massage

Lymphatic Drainage & Oncology Massage

for People Living with Cancer

Oncology massage is a safe approach to addressing pain relief and promote comfort during cancer treatment recovery.  Working with a skilled massage therapist who understands the complexities of lymph node removal is essential to a positive wellness treatment.  A member and preferred  provider of massage therapy through the Society for Oncology Massage, 

         60 minutes ......... $ 85

         90 minutes ……... $120

Albuquerque MassageTherapists Pediatric Massage

Pediatric Massage

Kids need massage too!  Using specific technigues to minimize growing pains!

30 minute ....... $ 45

60 minute ……. $ 75